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Launched with the vision of creating minimum 10 international brands from Turkey, Turquality first gathered the textile industry under its umbrella. As Turquality started to broaden its scope with other industries, Çilek joined the program as the first brand from the furniture industry.


Soon after participating in Turquality, Çilek took several steps to restructure and improve its processes. Çilek received consultancy services, formed a Turquality project team, strengthened its infrastructure, prepared business plans and adopted a course of action.


By adopting globally-known Kaizen System in its production process, Çilek switched to Lean Manufacturing and consequently increased its production performance. Investing in information technologies, Çilek commenced ERP practices. In addition, improving its business processes by means of consultancy services, Çilek initiated numerous corporate applications.


Çilek focused on the promotional, advertising and marketing activities of Turquality. Thanks to both material and moral support of Turquality, Çilek conducted marketing activities in many different countries and took considerable steps to increase brand recognition.