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Human Resources

HR Policy


Çilek is committed to create a team made up of young, dynamic and participant individuals who stick to the objective of superior quality, are open to development and learning, continuously search for innovation and believe in change and differentiation. To this end, Çilek accepts human resource as the most valuable asset.

Qualified and happy manpower lies behind the success of Çilek. Being aware of this fact, Çilek enables its employees to improve their technical and behavioral competencies and allows them to have careers that are suitable for their skills.


Why Çilek?

  • The best-known and most favorite brand of Turkey in baby, kids and teens rooms.
  • The first brand to create and specialize in the concept of ‘’Teens Room’’
  • 30 years of experience in the furniture industry.
  • A wide range of products with different design and price options.
  • A sense of quality and safety certified by international certificates.
  • International experience with 444 outlets in 66 countries.
  • An expert marketing and sales team.



    Çilek Academy


    Regarding human resource as the most valuable capital for development and acting with the sense of continuously increasing human resource investment, Çilek offers regular training in order to improve the skills of its employees. Founded in 2009 for this purpose, Çilek Academy contributes to the development of employees and prepares them for the future.

    Çilek Academy conducts numerous in-house activities such as providing newly-recruited employees with orientation, analyzing training needs and planning, offering, evaluating and recording such training.