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Expert Regional Managers

Expert regional managers regularly visit you for the purpose of informing you about new products and campaigns and hearing your suggestions and problems and thus creating solutions. You can get professional help from our regional managers, who serve only in your region and know your city very well, in many subjects from stock planning to display management.



Marketing and Promotional Materials

Çilek quickly delivers printed materials such as catalogues, brochures, price lists and posters that introduce products and services and serve as a guide for customers as well as promotional materials to your store.



Location-Specific Product Mix

Experienced product management team of Çilek determines the most suitable product mix depending on the social, economic and demographical structure of the region where your store is located. Thus, your efficiency per square meter is increased.



Training of the Sales and Assembly Staff

Prior to opening, your sales and assembly team is provided with free training so that they offer service at Çilek standards. Following opening, such training is periodically given within the structure of Çilek Academy.



After-Sales Support Line

With the intent of enabling customers to reach outlets, get information about campaigns and product prices, request spare parts and perform warranty activation and lightening your workload, we offer Free After-Sales Support Line.



Requirements for Becoming a Dealer

  • Entrepreneurial spirit, hardworking and believing in Çilek.
  • Embracing and actively following the business.
  • A solution-focused approach that listens to the customer.
  • Experience in retailing and selling.
  • An operating capital of 150.000 – 300.000 Euro for initial investment (store, warehouse, fixture)
  • A store location of 200-400 sqm having adequate potential, heavy traffic and affordable rent cost.