Bedside Cot (50x90 Cm)

SKU: 20.00.1021.00

Product Information

• Our product is designed and manufactured in accordance with TSE and European standards in terms of safety and health conditions.

• The height of the bed base can be adjusted in 10 different levels. In this way, it can be used in compliance with all parent cots.
• With the help of metal hooks on the front of the bed base, it can be used by fixing it practically to the side board of the parent bed.
• It is suitable for babies to be used for 0-6 months.
• There is a 50x90x7 cm foam mattress in the product.
• Bed sponge is produced in the most suitable density recommended for babies. The zippered case can be easily removed and washed in the washing machine in a delicate setting.
• There is a bed metal hanger on the back plate to hang the basic items of babies such as pacifiers, handkerchiefs and diapers.
• Curve method is applied in all parts for the safety of babies and parents.
• The product can also be used as a sitting unit during the periods when babies are suitable for their development age.
Technical Details