Mocha Swinging-convertible Baby Bed (70x115-70x160 Cm)

SKU: 20.30.1022.00

Product Information

• Our product is designed functionally for babies and mothers.

• The swing component can be fixed on demand.
• When the product is enlarged, it can be used as cradle work table.
• When the product is enlarged, the block with drawers and shelves can be used as a storage unit in the room.
• The baby bed, which is produced according to product dimensions and consists of two parts, is sold in the product package. 70x115 cm large piece of the cradle that can swing; The small piece, which is 70x45 cm, is designed to be used by mounting it with the help of velcro after growing the bedstead. The small piece can be stored in the empty space under the cradle until the bed is enlarged.
• It is produced by using special sponge with the most suitable density in order to make the spine structure more smooth and healthy during the development process of babies.
• It can be cleaned practically thanks to its zippered cover. Attention should be paid to washing the mattress cover in the most sensitive setting of washing machines for periods of maximum 4 months, and not to wait in the washing machine after washing.
• As the baby canopy net in our product, 20.30.4916.00 Mocha Baby Canopy and 20.55.4916.00 Selena Baby Canopy; As a sleeping set, our baby sleeping sets measuring 75x115 cm can be used in harmony.

Note: Textile products and other accessories shown in the product photos are not included in the price.

Important Information:
The cover of our baby bed in the bed frame is zippered and can be washed. However, the mattress cover should be washed every 4 months due to its fabric feature, washing water temperature should not exceed 30 degrees, it should not be squeezed in the machine and dried in a natural environment instead of drying machines.

Frequent washing of the mattress cover causes the fiber and quilted sponge under the fabric to disperse and deteriorate.
Technical Details