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Environmental Policy

Çilek, which makes children happy by means of its designs, manufactures its products safely without harming the environment or human health and acts with the responsibility of keeping clean and protecting the environment.


Delivering safe kids rooms that pass difficult safety tests at all stages of production to its customers all over the world, Çilek observes all legal regulations in this regard thanks to its environmental awareness.


The production plants of Çilek have passed the ISO 14001 Environmental Management


System audit performed by Turkish Standards Institute. Moreover, being a leader of the sector in terms of management, Çilek employs a special system to collect nearly 2.5 tons of chips and waste that emerge during daily manufacturing activities and send to licensed bodies. Thus, Çilek completely prevents the damage caused by production. In addition, Çilek fulfills all of its duties in relation to environment and safety such as ÇED position paper, emergency plan, waste water connection quality control license, hazardous waste temporary storage permit and MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) of the chemicals used.