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  • Founded in İnegöl.


  • Registered the trademark “Çilek”.
  • Attended a fair for the first time.
  • Exported for the first time to Ukraine.


  • Launched its website “www.cilek.com”.


  • Opened its first outlet in Turkey in Bursa.
  • Aired its first national commercial.


  • All Çilek furniture were covered by the Çilek Warranty for 2 years.
  • Founded Çilek Academy.


  • Opened its new production plant in İnegöl.


  • Opened its first overseas outlet in Malta.
  • Became the first brand in Turkey to be awarded the GS Certificate of Quality by LGA in Germany for high safety and quality standards.


  • All Çilek furniture were covered by the Çilek Warranty for 5 years.


  • Started to operate its production plant in İnegöl in two shifts.


  • Moved its head office to Istanbul.


  • Became the first furniture brand in Turkey to be awarded the status of “Superbrands” by Superbrands International.
  • Recognized as a “Well-Known Trademark” (Notable Brand) by Turkish Patent Institute.


  • Prepared the Family Constitution.


  • Became entitled to join the TURQUALITY Program on August 12, 2007 and thus became a pioneer in the furniture industry in this respect.
  • Awarded the ISO 9001 Certificate of Quality.
  • Announced by the Istanbul Exporters’ Association to be the export champion for 2007 in the furniture industry.


  • Granted the Turkey’s Most Admired Company Award.
  • Adopted the Toyota Lean Manufacturing Philosophy.
  • Commenced lean manufacturing, which means just-in-time manufacturing in smaller batches and in a broad array with zero error in its İnegöl production plant.


  • Awarded the ISO 14001 Certificate of Environmental Management System.


  • Put the SAP ERP System into practice to manage all processes under a single roof.
  • Announced by the Istanbul Exporters’ Association to be the second most successful exporter for 2012 in the furniture industry.


  • Signed the United Nations Global Compact Communication on Progress.
  • Reached 444 outlets scattered over 66 countries in 5 continents.
  • Became the most successful company in the furniture industry in terms of after-sales service on Şikayetvar.com.


  • Published first UN Global Compact Report.
  • Launched wooden toy sales with Hape Germany.
  • Launched E-Commerce in Turkey.
  • Awarded as the ''Most Inovative Brand'' by InovaLig.
  • Company Priortizing Customer Satisfaction of Principle
  • "2014 Highest Number of Design Registration" Award given by IMOS
  • "2014 Export Award" by IMOS
  • Çilek is selected as the "Most Favorite Children Brand" by Capital Magazine


  • "2015 Company Prioritizing Customer Satisfaction as Principle" award presented by Turkish Ministry of Customs and Trade
  • "Imagine App Tablet Software" that compiles all information at one point and thus accelerates the sales has started to be used at the sales points in Turkey and abroad.
  • Çilek's commitment to make the dreams of children come true is applied to all its corporate identity with the "Imagine" slogan.
  • "Most Successful Brand of 2014 in Furniture Category" award presented by Sikayetvar.com and Marketing Turkey at ALFA awards
  • "2nd Prize Winner in Turkey" at Europe Industrial Excellence Awards held by Koç University, WHU, INSEAD.
  • "Brand that added value to Bursa" Award by Marketing Turkey
  • 1st Prize Winner for "Productivity Project" presented by Turkish Ministry of Science, Industry and Trade
  • "Globally Recognized Brand for Çilek" emphasis in World Bank’s annual report in 2014
  • ISMOB 2015 Fair "Best Design Award" in Children Room category.