Studio Upper Bed (90x200 Cm)

код: 20.30.1409.00

Информация о Продукции

• It is the sleeping area at the top of the product.

• It can be used together with the middle bed or separately.
• There is a portable wooden bookcase inside the product for use at the head end. It is used to cover the gap in the head end part according to the installation direction of the metal or cupboard verve.
• When used separately from the middle bed, the front side board and underbed chipboard stage can be taken under the floor and can be used ergonomically with the bottom bed with drawers.
• It is used by mounting the middle bed foot / head end upper part with the hidden connection apparatus mounted under the foot and bedside.
• There is a metal railing in front, covered with electro static powder paint. When using the product individually, the front metal railing can be removed optionally.
• There are metal ladder and cabinet ladder connection holes on the outer surface of the foot and head.
• When using the product individually, plastic stopper materials coming out of the package to cover the connection holes on the outer / upper and upper sides of the feet / head; For bottom surfaces that come into contact with the floor, plastic booties must be used in the package.
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