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Cilek.com uses the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol, an advanced security technology. All crucial data on Cilek.com are protected by 128-bit encryption.


The SSL protocol ensures secure flow of information between Customer-Enterprise-Bank through a 128-bit encryption that is mathematically almost improbable and technically very difficult to decrypt. Any information provided during online shopping is encrypted by the security network and transferred to our systems. Thus, it is not possible for third persons to obtain, read or use such information. Besides, the information provided in this manner is neither seen by our staff nor stored by Çilek Mobilya San. ve Paz. Tic. A.Ş.


In order to find out if a website has secure servers with the SSL Certificate, when you are on the payment page, check the address bar of your browser. If it is a secure website, the website URL beings with “https:” instead of “http:” in addition to a lock icon.


Please direct your experience and questions about Cilek.com, the address of secure shopping, to eticaretdestek@cilek.com