Робочий стіл Rustic White

Код продукту: 20.72.1101.00

Інформація про продукт

• It is designed with ergonomic dimensions to provide a comfortable working environment for our consumers.
• There is a block consisting of 3 deep drawers on the right side.
• By using the self-slowing tandem rail in the drawers, silent and safe usage is provided.
• Visual richness is ensured by using the lapel made of melamine covered MDF in front of the drawers.
• Visual richness is provided by using a vertical MDF profile on the front side of the left side table.
• There is a large drawer consisting of three compartments under the working area. There is a plastic pen holder in the right compartment area.
• There is a shelf to help store stationery materials such as books, notebooks, etc.
• There is a metal hanger for hanging bags on the left side.
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